Swedish football team looking for Coaches

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Swedish football team looking for Coaches

Beitrag von ChristianAndersson » Do Jan 27, 2011 23:19

Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, so ist es wahrscheinlich besser weil ich meine Frage in Englisch schreiben =)

We are a swedish Football team in swedens highest division and we are looking to expand our coaching staff.

Our current vacancies are:
- Dline coach (position empty)
- DB coach (current coach needs a year off, due to personal reasons)
- Reciever coach (position empty)

We do not have the funding to employ coaches and give full time salary.
But we have contacts and sponsors that will find a daytime job and apartment that is suited for your qualifications.
We have a very strong name in football and we belong to one of swedens most well known sport organisations.

We seek you that want to coach football in a proffessional organisation and at the same time expand your proffessional work experience.

If you find this interesting and want to know more, please PM me through this forum or send me an email at tjooba@gmail.com and I will explain more.

Best regards,